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Virtual Online Operation System
Your NewTimeBox is best thing you probably saw.You can use NewTimeBox to everything.We have a lot of functionality which is never exist before. Lets see few of them
  • LIVE TYPE This is first thing in the chat system that you can allow people who you chat with to see what you type before send it, and this is really cool because you can see what they type too. share
  • Day Report.Day Report is very interesting tecnology that you can use and enjoy. You can now share your day Live with text,picture,videos.When You add something to your Day Report all of the people who follow you will get notification. Also You can follow your friends' (or everyone who you want) Day Report just to see how they feel and how they live.You can comment,like and share each part of your day report and you can choose who can see each part of your day report
  • Offline Like. This is the first offline like system in the world that allow you like without internet we will improve this tecnology and you will be able to not only like but also share comment and chat offline
  • Take a Robot Voice.You can share also robot voice.It is pretty funny with friends because robot can talk funny and wierd.You type something to robot and share it and when someone click listen robot voice robot will speak
  • Advanced share.You can choose kind of post you share and you can search for kind. You can choose funny,fear,interesting,music... and a lot of kind to help your friend understand you better and help people find your post easily from kind
  • Advanced Filters.We use a lot of filter tecnology to filter posts photo,music,day report,kind,saves so on... or combination of them each part seperately
  • Connect to the world.It is first Platform which allow you to see everyone post in the NewTimeBox we have filter for it local,global,friends.
  • See friends' friends.
  • Talk with multiple people at the same time. We have very powerful message system which allow you chat with different people at the same time
  • We really trying to make people happy and invent a lot of tecnology for give them happiness to help them enjoy life because all of us has only one life
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